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Keep adjacency moves closely related to a strong core business. Though it sounds obvious, many companies stumble by either mis defining their core businesses or misjudging how an adjacency relates to the core. Anheuser Busch’s foray into snack foods, Mattel’s purchase of the Learning Company and Bausch Lomb’s moves into hearing aids and dental products all demonstrate the heavy costs of such miscalculations..

What followed after the race was more eating before heading back to KL, to wrap up a nice road trip. A word of go out from me to the organizers and volunteers of Bidor Runners for putting up this race. I hope they can start earlier the route is nice and should be very pleasant to run when it cool and early.

BOUDREAU: Job creation I think is a big issue. And in New Hampshire I think we’ve been doing pretty well in the past few months creating jobs. But being a student, I will be graduating next May and I’m going to have significant student loans to pay off, so getting a job is very important..

Some women get urinary tract infections (UTIs) once in an an extremely painful blue moon, while others seem to be cursed with frequent infections every other month but it only takes one to know how invaluable UTI prevention is.A new product, though, says staving off UTIs may be just as easy as a few sips: Uqora is a new health supplement (out last week) that you stir into water kind of like Emergen C or Crystal Lite and then drink after any activity that may cause a UTI, like sex or prolonged exercise. (Don’t forget about these 4 Surprising Causes of Urinary Tract Infections).UTIs are caused when bacteria is pushed inside your urethra, causing an infection, and Uqora claims to contain vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes that flush out your system and prevent the infection from occurring. This prevention technique is nothing new you’d get the same diuretic affect by drinking a ton of water or cranberry juice, both of which are already medically advised.The sugar in the drink, d mannose, is already available in supplement form, which is marketed in the same bacteria shielding way.

Only stealth games I can compare it to the is Splinter Cell series, but they are kind of different. In MGSV there is much more open area to explore/paths to take. It’s an open world game (the maps aren’t even that big though compared to games like GTA or Ghost Recon Wildlands) but the missions are only contained to certain areas, so for the most part you’ll be doing stuff in town A, then running/riding to town B, and so on.

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