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For my neighborhood test jog it showed my pace at its slowest when I stopped running when I got to my house.Tag, You’re It!A fun feature Nike added was the option to “outrun your friends”. You invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter or Nike+ and challenge them to a game of tag. It’s a grown up version of the beloved game we all played as kids.

They are feeling the 30 some weeks of training, so the first thing I need them to do is get recovered and not be STUPID! These are really intelligent people but, sometimes, the smarter we are, the stupider the act. NO new projects: spring cleaning (come on its the beginning of what we call winter in Texas), landscaping, etc. If you have to try something, let take up basket weaving or needle point; reading would be great! NO yoga, pilates, or figure skating (sorry, Geezer), but fill the extra time and nerves with something else, especially not something counter productive to recovery..

The final picture I found, I couldn resist posting. Thanks to google images once again, I came across a dozen of hilarious pictures about the topic of outsourcing. This one was my particular favorite. For a long time the sportswear industry was synonymous with the ubiquitous canvas shoe from Bata and cotton T shirts from Dawn, Fred Perry and Symonds. But Bata perhaps the first to sense the shift towards a more sporty life style launched its Power range of sportswear and sportsgear in 1982 and hit the jackpot. Annual sales accelerated from Rs 50 lakh in the first year to over Rs 6 crore by the end of 1985.

I not asking for people to walk in. I want to know what is happening in the centers, and be ensured they all got access to a lawyer. That is a right given to everyone within our borders who is detained, and it should be handled as such. Lana continued to pursue her hobby, dating many of her leading men and then marrying twice more; once in 1948 and another time to Lex Barker in 1953; they divorced in 1957. At this point in her life, she had been a major heart throb, earned top dollar as a movie star, dated the most exciting men in Hollywood, had her mother well provided for, and was justly proud of her 14 year old daughter, who was reaching that age that she had been when her life had turned around so remarkably. She herself was only 36, but, she had crammed more life into her 36 years than most people cram into 80.

So aside from the boring gameplay, the cut scenes were the only thing that kept me going. Simmons (Jameson from Spiderman), and George Takei (Hiro father from Heroes) and hot actresses like Jesse McCarthy, Kelly Hu and Gemma Atkinson. The scenes were very hot and sexy and it kept things interesting.

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