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As far as getting the ceramic coating professionally done, well that it, you getting a professional so don be deterred to pay a professional price. The professional coatings also allegedly offer more protection, gloss, and utility (some offer self healing properties when being heat up by the sun or heat gun). Yes it is expensive..

I got worse shit from the Japanese kids for stuff I couldn control, like being Chinese or my people being on the suffering end of WW2. The music/whitewashing thing was just a difference of cultures. Most kids were just into EDM and trance or reggae.

Week two is done and progress is coming quite nicely. Haven’t kept posting consistently because I’ve been working on a few articles regarding nutrient timing, IIFYM, and intermittent fasting that I will be posting up on my blog this week. I figured it would be more beneficial to get those up rather than type out my diet and training for the day.

Then say something like got to go now. I like to take you out for a drink and have you tell me more about yourself. How about you give me your phone number / Facebook account (or whatever works for you)? Telling her that you want her to talk about herself when you meet up can be a good move because you showing your interest from the beginning, while also setting a frame of her doing most of the talking, which is what you want.

In the most general terms, a brand audit is a detailed analysis of your brand in its current state. By determining which qualities of your brand are currently effective and which ones are not, you can restructure your identity and your messaging goals to produce better results. That’s the corporate speak way of saying it.

PORTLAND, Ore. Oregon Electric Utility Company (Oregon Electric) has submitted its opening brief to the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) summarizing the definitive “net benefits” of its proposal to purchase Portland General Electric (PGE). The filing is part of the official OPUC review process, which includes opening briefs today from Oregon Electric and other parties.

Marketing in the last decade was marked by waves that transformed its more traditional forms. Each new technological tide offered businesses an improved way to market their products and services. And businesses followed each trend not because it was in vogue but out of commercial necessity.

Few brands achieve this privilege and privilege it certainly is. Even when brands do create buzz, consumer interest frequently does not last. That is why brands keep entering and disappearing from India’s Buzziest Brands. Greeted by silence, he said, going to throw you guys for a loop. Said he was in the sixth or seventh grade, and his theory was explained well enough that actually got pretty high up there in the science fair. It was pretty much gravity that was just pushing in the opposite direction, he said..

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