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That is the way it is done in Brazil. You see soccer games being played on the beach and everywhere around the city. It is in their blood. Doch was ist, wenn man nicht nur normaler User einer Plattform ist und diese zum Spa nutzt, sondern sein Geld im Social Web verdient? Welche Schattenseiten kann es geben, wenn soziale Plattformen Neuerungen herausbringen, die die Reichweite einschrnken. Wenn man sich nur auf seine Interaktionen konzentriert und die Entwicklung seit Juni 2016 verfolgt, konnten viele Accounts auf Instagram einen Rckgang bei den Interaktionen feststellen. Dies liegt vor allem an der grten nderung, die Instagram damals vorgenommen hat.

Double Billing!! The cruelest part of any insurance policy is the accursed ‘deductible.’ This is the amount you must pay out of your own pocket before the coverage (for which you have paid in advance) kicks in. Usually, as most of us have discovered to the dismay of our bank accounts we can choose our deductible amount: the more risk you are willing to assume at your own (added!) expense, the lower your bill. The less you want to risk paying out of pocket, the higher your bill.

It wasn t until sometime in the 1980s that any shoe companies started making skate shoes to target skate boarders. Even then Nike didn t make Nike skate shoes. It was companies like Airwalk and other smaller companies that worked to make skate shoes for the small sport.

In my work with Transition Newcastle, I sometimes find it hard to “keep it in perspective”. (There can’t be many things more important than environmental sustainability!) While environmental sustainability might be very important, the things that we do in Transition Newcastle might not be a priority. People have busy lives and there are many other competing demands.

Anyone who has ever attended a physiotherapist with running problems, or who’s gone for a fitting session in a sports store, would have heard about pronation and motion control. Pronation is a natural movement in which the arch of the foot compresses under load, absorbing the impact and storing elastic energy for release on the next stride. ‘Over pronation’ has long been blamed for running injuries, but, interestingly, there is no clear definition in the literature as to how much pronation is normal, and how much is too much.

Franco’s legacy Spain’s parliament has called for the tomb of Francisco Franco to be removed from a sprawling underground basilica where 33,000 men who were killed in the 1936 39 civil war are buried. There is broad political support for the move, as part of a belated effort to confront the dictator’s legacy. (FT).

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