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Sorry White, this is the first post of yours to come through. Some changes were made to the system today which may have affected your attempts to post comments. If anyone else is having this problem, email me at the address above. Note: We have been tracking the performance of ads on YouTube for the past three months and there are a few brands that appear constantly in the list. These brands have a year long advertising strategy, and therefore, would appear in the list every month. That’s why, to keep the list a little fresh, I have excluded the ads by Airtel, Mountain Dew India, Lakme, and Hero Motor Corp in this list..

The wave of female candidates could result in more women than ever in the halls of power. Women have never made up more than one fourth of the House or the Senate, and there have never been more than nine female governors serving at the same time. We analyzed the candidates who have won primaries in the states that have already voted to estimate the chances of these gender proportions changing after the midterm election..

AND BEAUTY Chaz Boj says his cholo style (Liz O. It’s physically demanding. Young kids are jockeying to take your place, or your spot to paint, anyway. If you want to have a huge choice of Asian restaurants take the Metro to the Place d If you want to have a wide selection of foods of diverse origin, explore the one time working class district, now yuppified district, of Belleville in the north east of Paris. It probably Paris most diverse quartier. Don feel weird about eating cheaply in Paris, most of the Parisians are far from rich and they eat pretty ordinary food.

“Consumers were excited to learn about new brands and put together workout outfits that expressed their personal style.” It’s true: Before the popularization of athleisure, there were a few activewear options, and it was much harder to actually express your personal style with workout clothes. Now, you can find something to sweat in for every style sensibility. “Since then, fashion has become so inspired by sport.

Hannity had been one of the main purveyors of a widely discredited theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot and killed near his home in Northwest Washington last year because he had supplied DNC emails to WikiLeaks. District police say Rich died in a botched robbery. His parents have pleaded with news outlets to stop speculating about his death..

Japan SIM cards are not only handy but also provide big savings on global roaming charges. They work in the same way as your normal SIM card. For an international call, you have to use the full international format starting with and the country code and then the number you want to dial.

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