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Our pup just turned 1 in June, we rescued her last Halloween. She is great with us, but barks incessantly at visitors, and has lunged (but not bitten) at a couple of friends. She is better with women than men, but will still bark at women. Our first race was in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. After the long and cold, cold, winter weather we seriously couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather on race day. While I loathe the training for a marathon, Pittsburgh will definitely be a repeat race, whether it’s a full marathon or a half marathon..

It’s the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, who Muslims believe was a messenger of God. To him was revealed the Koran; Islam’s holy book. The kids at the Canberra Islamic school learn Arabic as well because that’s the language of prayer. But before dawn and after dusk at the university in my village, the only sounds came from the outdoor basketball courts not far from my apartment. I woke up every morning and went to sleep every night to the rhythmic sounds of balls bouncing against cement and clanking against rims. Every moment, dark or light, students hooped it up.

Once the women have participated within the foundation level they then have the opportunity on which is provided by ‘This girl can’ to move up the continuum into participation level through the organisation linking to local clubs to the participant. By increasing participation levels through different sports, this provides work for people such as volunteers, organisers and coaches. This then is a benefit to the local areas because it allows them come together as a community.

The first one I don’t know if it’s allowed. He couldn’t do anything with the second and [with the third] the ball’s got loads of movement on which is always difficult. It’s not about one person it’s about everybody. This was the first time City have been beaten since April, it is by no means a disaster, but it adds another layer of intrigue to this most frantic of footballing months. Lose again at the weekend and City really will appear vulnerable. Guardiola almost sounded relieved this first defeat had been inflicted..

I all for being a moderator when people are flaming or posting content that is not relevant to the community. However, just because someone is exclusively posting their self made content isn a real issue in my mind. It not best practice and often comes off as annoying for some however for others it sparks good conversation about our beloved team..

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