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Once you have your idea for a product or service which people will find useful or essential then the next step is to market yourself. This is a huge area where you will get a huge range of advice. Here are a few essentials:Sort our your branding so that it clearly communicates to your market how they will benefit from your products or services.

For example, older ladies refusing to join a gym or class because they don’t want to be seen undressed compared to other older ladies of better fitness levels, they feel uncomfortable and make lots of excuses not to go. Children refuse to take part in PE and play ‘sick’ or ‘forgotten kit’. The idea of sport to some women can be portrayed as ‘manly’ which again can put people off, sports such as football and rugby are seen as manly sports so women are less inclined to join up or take part because they will be judged for looking too ‘manly’ resulting in potential bullying, abuse, lack of friends furthermore reducing body image and confidence levels resulting in them reducing their participation levels all together.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAlthough he was clearly there to promote his new, zeitgeist y flick, The Social Network and also catch up with the Barry to his Robin Gibb when Justin Timberlake appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, he didn’t talk much about Facebook. In fact, he didn’t really talk much at all. He was too busy doing what he and Jimmy do best spontaneously rapping.”Inspired” by Justin’s anecdote about the Sugarhill Gang opening for NSYNC, JT and JF took night owls on an obviously pre planned journey into the “History of Rap.” Accompanied by Jimmy’s house band, The Roots, JT and JF burst into an MP3 ready rap medley, covering almost every rap classic you can think of and doing impressions of everyone from the Beastie Boys to Soulja Boy.Although they could have done without the Empire State of Mind moment, it was still an impressive skit.

What is Folk Art?Contemporary definitions of folk art refer to it as that which is produced by people who taught themselves to create art, instead of art produced by those who have been professionally trained as artists. Historical or traditional definitions of folk art have also viewed it as a style of art created by people from an “indigenous” or a native culture (looking at such things as pottery, utensils, and “dawn of time” cave paintings and drawings). Whether it is being considered from the perspective of the artist being self taught or from the standpoint of seeing it as the work of indigenous/native cultures, it is an expression of the diversity of civilization’s groups and subgroups.

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