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Additionally, organic fabrics are free from pesticides and dyes making it a lot safer compared to synthetic fibers. This also makes it safer for infants, young children and for people with sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics, especially in cotton containing pesticides not only cause allergic reactions but can also trigger health problems like asthma, nausea and neurological disorders.

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Seeing comments like those used to make my blood boil, but after reading countless of them, they rarely elicit more than an eye roll these days. Getting worked up over every sexist internet comment is exhausting, especially because there is seemingly no end in sight. The most basic comments receive thousands of likes, so it obvious that it not just a select few users who are problematic, but an entire community of misogynistic trolls that feed off each other and build each other up.

Big business has not lived up to its responsibilities, nowhere near it. As for the under developed countries, it’s a double edged sword. They want companies to come and build factories, and they can offer cheap labour and relaxed environmental laws.

Did you know that about 1 billion (with a “b”) pounds of wax are used every year to manufacture candles in the United States. Most of the wax is comprised of hydrocarbons from petroleum or animal sources. Not exactly “green”! In addition to ingredient sourcing issues, burning candles that are not eco friendly will not only pollute indoor air with carcinogenic substances, but can also blacken walls, ceilings and furniture over time..

The Brussels starts off as a yeast leavened batter. It’s often times fueled with a special ingredient that we doubt gets used in many Belgian waffles at the IHOPs across America. MariePaule Vermersch alluded to one in her family’s original recipe; we suspect it might be beer, because it’s Belgian after all, but hers is a well guarded secret.

Imagine gamers defending their homes from robot invaders, engineers manipulating 3 D models or surgeons following directions the human body. Early tests indicate all are possible. Already the HoloLens is being used by NASA to mimic Mars terrain in labs and by medical students to dissect virtual bodies.

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