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I had to make a fucking comment about it. The amount of “should I cop” and “what do I wear these white shoes with” honestly puts me in disbelief. This is a fashion subreddit and half the front page has no sense in outfit composition or even just taste..

Hamilton knew the shark attack would forever change her life. Many people told her being a professional surfer was no longer possible. Hamilton refused to believe anyone who told her this. It felt wrong to let that stand. She decided two myths needed bashing “One: that here in the crucible of technology that technology is totally immune to gender bias,” she said. “There’s a sense that binary numbers and coding is bias free, but coders are human, and their biases go into technology.” The other myth was that all women wear high heels..

Idk, maybe I had higher expectations since I had just had a great and personable experience at Sephora, as I always do. Maybe the girls working at Ulta that day were having a crappy day. But all I know is next time I go home (I live abroad) I will probably spend what little time I have to stock up on makeup at Sephora and not bother with Ulta..

Intermittent carb cutting is the best route to take if you want to reduce both your weight and cancer causing insulin spikes, according to the American Association for Cancer Research. Eating your eggs without soldiers and fish without chips two days a week is enough to see a difference. Consider it the 5:2 diet for realists..

Garmont are one of the leading names when it comes to strong outdoor footwear. They have been in the business for almost 140 years and the company name is one people feel they can trust. Garmont have been making high quality hiking and walking boots for many years and always deliver a quality product.

Then there battery density. Battery energy density has improved in recent years, but the rate of increase has slowed significantly. We calculated these figures by taking the watt hour ratings on each smartphone battery divided by the battery volume in square millimeters.

So no pressure whatsoever on Soler.. 3. Kepantasan perjalanan dan Negeri Negeri yang tidak dapat dimasukinya Kepantasan yg dimaksudkan ini tidak ada pada kenderaan orang dahulu. Kalau hari ini maka bolehlah kita mengatakan kepantasan itu seperti kepantasan jet jet tempur yg digunakan oleh tentera udara atau lebih pantas lagi daripada kenderaan tersebut sehinggakan beribu ribu kilometer dapat ditempuh dalam satu jam Kami bertanya: Wahai Rasulullah! Bagaimana kepantasan perjalanannya di atas muka bumi ini? Nabi menjawab: perjalanannya adalah seperti kepantasan Ghaist (hujan atau awan) yang dipukul oleh angin yang kencang.

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