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Padukone represents a strong, self made, aspirational, politically correct, healthy and happy image that the youth aspires to acquire. Daughter of India’s first All England badminton champion and former world No 1 Prakash Padukone, Deepika began modelling during her college days and went on to win recognition with awards such as the Kingfisher Fashion Awards and Idea Zee Fashion Awards. Later, she was chosen as the brand endorser for Kingfisher Airlines..

Picture Beijing in the early 1990’s a strong visual presence of communism in the typical courtyard style housing (12 families housed in a block built around a central yard), grey Mao suits everywhere, almost no neon advertising signs and only occasional cars and mini vans on the streets. In those days there were two currencies: Yuan and FEC(Foreign Exchange Currency) available only to foreigners, with a lower exchange rate than Yuan (1$=8.9yuan, 1$=7.4FEC). Strong government control, exacerbated by the recent happenings on Tiananmen Square, meant that getting to know Chinese people was almost impossible they were not allowed to enter hotels and so had no exposure to foreign goods and lifestyle, which were only available in hotels..

LeBron James has said that he wants to stick around the NBA long enough to play with his oldest son or perhaps simply own an NBA team and sign his kid to play for it and the youngster is doing his best to hold up his end of the bargain. LeBron James Jr. Hasn’t even played eighth grade basketball yet, but he’s already a phenom with highlight videos and overflow and occasionally out of control crowds to his games..

Your personal value beliefs are the compass that guide your life and ensure you’re moving in the right direction. Learn how to identify and prioritize your values and then evaluate all areas of your life. For example, if your personal values and company values don’t match, it may be the primary reason why you’re unhappy at work..

Left unchecked, illicit trade can only pursue its already well advanced mutation. There is ample evidence that it offers terrorists and other miscreants means of survival and methods of financial transfer and exchange. Its effect on geopolitics will go further.

People with a glancing sense of aboriginal art tend to bring to mind abstract looking paintings made up of long strings of dots painted in colored acrylics on canvas. Such work, although it is based in traditions of body painting and sand art, dates only as far back as the early 1970s. That was when Geoffrey Bardon, a white schoolteacher in a central Australian settlement of disparate aborigines displaced by the government’s aggressive assimilationist policies, thought to help remedy a bad situation by encouraging the community’s elders to paint designs relating to traditional ceremonies and myths..

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