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In my opinion, the Air VaporMax is amazing. We have seen Flyknit on basically every Nike sneaker in existence by now but this Flyknit upper doesn sit on any boring Ultra midsole. The reinvented Air cushioning system is equally odd and fascinating. “I have often asked myself the same question and the answer is probably more complex than I care to know. As a child I was very overweight and I became very adept at avoiding physical activity. Sport was my nemesis and exercise has never been high on my list of priorities.

The only favorable part of the update was regarding the second quarter guidance on cost per available seat miles, excluding fuel and other special items. The metric is now expected to increase in the range of 1.5% to 3.5% year over year. The earlier guidance had called for the metric to grow approximately in the 2.5 4.5 % range.

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