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2. Since 5K races are held all over the world, the courses for each one will vary. Some have flat surfaces without any turns, while others have flat surfaces with hills included. It not just fees. How many times are you willing to go to court for $1500? How many hours will you devote to this? Is this your full time job or side income? Court is during the week. How many vacation days will you spend on this? A guy that would do this has no assets.

The simplicity of cooking and serving seafood in one pot is a hallmark of cuisines around the world. Chef Angie Hong shares the secrets of Vietnamese claypot and Cajun chef Chris Weysham (Po’ Boy Quarter, East of Everything) cooks his version of a crawfish boil with a spicy base and a mountain of prawns and crabs. Belgian chef David Coumont (Moxhe) cooks up a pot of mussels using eschallots and a splash of wine.

The raisin folks, forgetting that they were selling desiccated grape mummies instead of delicious candy, believed him. They coughed up $50,000 upfront. Problem was, the product placement guy accepted all that cash without consulting the filmmakers first, none of whom had the slightest incentive to or even slightest idea how to promote raisins in a time travel film, aside from having Marty time travel back to when they used to be edible grapes..

Calling it authentic may be banal to some of you, but I do consider the sportsmen of yore aesthetic of Mr Rubchinskiy so oppositionalto the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo exactly that. These look like actual sports clothes, only worn on non sporting grounds. Not for Mr Rubchinsky, those purported athletic wear put out by hip hop stars that have never played enough sports to know what is truly performance enhancing..

It is NOT mint deadstock if there are signs of aging or degrading (yellowing, chaffing, fading, dirt Must be brand new and unworn pair of shoes in original box. It is possible that the shoes have been laced but nothing else has been done to it. Some deadstock dirt/dust is possible and can attain deadstock status if it can be gently brushed or wiped away.

Cabin: There are no cabins on a Silversea ship. Ours, 703, was a Medallion Suite on Deck 7, just a connecting door away from the opulence of the Owner’s Suite. With a veranda, sitting area, proper bathroom and queen or twin beds, it was hard to imagine what more there could possibly be next door.

Photo:Anetlanda / Getty ImagesIf you’re a fitness addict, you can probably relate: You order a new pair of shoes that look soooo cute online, but just a few minutes into HIIT class, they’re squeezing and cramping your toes or causing your heels to ache. Adults, according to a 2012 survey by the Institute for Preventative Foot Health.But what are flat feet, exactly, and what does that mean for your fitness (and shoe shopping) routine? Here, expert tips for dealing with flat feet, plus which sneakers are your best bets for happy arches.What Are Flat Feet, Anyway?A “normal” foot has a medium to high arch and an imprint of the heel and ball of the foot. Canuso Skincare for Feet in Marlton, NJ.Flat feet are partially genetic, so you can blame Mom and Pops for that one.

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